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Mark Hughes Foundation Beanies
100% of all MHF beanie sales goes to the Foundation.
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Warm up this winter and help raise awareness and funds for brain cancer.

Hurry and purchase MHF beanie(s) for the whole family while stocks last.

This year MHF have both adult beanies at $25ea and kids beanies at $20ea. 

100% of all MHF beanie sales goes to the foundation!

Lowes has the following offer for customers that purchase MHF beanies in store:

15% OFF* Lowes Voucher - on purchasing Mark Hughes Foundation Beanie(s) at Lowes in the month of June, customers will receive a Lowes 15% off* voucher to be redeemed in July 2021. 

Terms and conditions:

Zero card and discounts do not apply to MHF beanies. While stocks last. 

Lowes discount voucher: Can only be redeemed once during the month of July and excludes schoolwear, gift cards and MHF beanies.