16 Jun
31 Dec
Backing Blacktown
A letter from Westpoint's Centre Manager

Blacktown is an amazing place, a unique community, full of life and vitality, home to people from all over the world. Locals love it, are passionate about where they live and who they are, and so are we.

Community is everything. Our family, friends, work colleagues and our local community are the glue that holds us together. Blacktown is our community and our neighbourhood. 

During 2020 Westpoint launched the Celebrating Neighbourhood Good campaign, which puts a spotlight on Blacktown’s amazing community. Showcasing some of the hardworking and dedicated people that spend their lives making a difference locally. Their work is truly nothing short of inspiring.

Like those people, we too want to make a difference, we want to create a place where everyone feels welcome, a place to relax and socialise, a place to connect and belong, an everyday oasis continually delivering experiences that answer the needs and aspirations of our community.

Westpoint has been a part of the Blacktown community for nearly 50 years and holds a special place in the hearts of locals. We see it as our role to continue to build a place for the community, to deliver a legacy which will last for the next 50 years.

Agata Rynkiewicz

Centre Manager - Westpoint