The Ultimate Homewares Gift Guide
As we’re all rediscovering and reimagining our homes, homeware pieces can make the perfect gifts!
Published 17 December

In 2020, we spent more time at home than ever before. And, if this year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of creating a heavenly haven where we can relax and recharge for each new day.

As we’re all rediscovering and reimagining our homes, homeware pieces can make the perfect gifts - transforming our homes for the better times ahead.

Below are some of our favourite finds. Enjoy! 


Expert Entertainer

Who says you have to leave home to have fun? Create an entertainer’s paradise with a few select items or give your loved ones some well-considered entertaining gifts.

Whether your preference is tea, coffee, or something a little stronger this Christmas, all you need is some classy glassware, an elegant tea set, or a chic cocktail shaker and you’ll have smiles all around.

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1. 3.2 Litre Air Fryer $69.00 - Kmart

2. Gingerbreadman Cookie Cutter Set. Styles vary by store - TK Maxx

3. Festive Cat Spatula. Styles vary by store - TK Maxx

4. Lucca Mini Nutritional Blender $39.00 - Australia Post

5. Cecilia Melamime Dining Range from $9.95 - Bed Bath N Table

6. Lassan I Frying Pan 26cm $389.99 - 1829 Solingen

7. Sushi Plate $19.95 - Sportsgirl

8. Reactive Smug Mug in Green $4.00 - Target

9. Lucca Toaster & Kettle Breakfast Pack $79.00 - Australia Post

10. Vue Spencer 16pc Cutlery Set in Rose Gold $99.95 - Myer


Heavenly Home

Use scent to evoke everything you’ve been missing this year; a cool sea breeze, country air or summer florals. Brighten up your home, open up the shutters and let in the fresh breeze.

You and your holiday guests will love bold summer prints and fresh seasonal colours like dusky rose, blush pink, bright fuchsia and earthy tones reminiscent of the natural world around us.

If you’re buying gifts, try to match homewares to your loved one’s existing colour palette. Otherwise, neutrals are always a safe bet - plus, they’re perfectly on-trend this year!

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1. Vue Moab Hand-Drawn Leaf Print Cushion with Tassels 40x60cm $49.95 - Myer

2. XOXO RIng Plate $14.95 - Habitania

3. Christmas Gift Boxes, styles vary by store - TK Maxx

4. Morgan & Finch Milo Cat Bath Mat $34.95 - Bed Bath N Table

5. Polly Pink MoodMist $119.99 - Dusk

6. Amore Ceramic Trinket Box $14.95 - Habitania

7. Australian House & Garden Kingston Wall Clock 30cm $59.95 - Myer

8. Signature Mini Duo Candles $29.99 - Dusk

9. Cassia Throw $22.00 - Target

10. Luxury Cinnamon Reed Diffuser, styles vary by store - TK Maxx


Celebrate the Great Outdoors

Breathe deep in the outside world and celebrate your freedom or just get back to nature and embrace your outdoorsy side. If you know someone who has been missing the outdoors, give them a nudge back into the outside world with these thoughtful gifts. There’s no better time to be outdoors than on bright summer days and balmy summer evenings.

From picnics to ping pong, we’ve got something for everyone!


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1. Party Tray Australian Chinoiserie $39.95 - Habitania

2. Hamilton Beach Umbrella $79.95 - Bed Bath N Table

3. Cocktail Recipe Shaker, styles vary by store - TK Maxx

4. Grilling Topper, styles vary by store - TK Maxx

5. Boca Stripe Ultra Outdoor Mat $59.95 - Myer

6. Hamper Picnic Basket $99.95 - Bed Bath N Table

7. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $97.00 - JB Hi-Fi

8. Bag $39.95 - Sportsgirl

9. Heritage Casita Oval Platter $49.95 - Myer

10. Thomson Retro Portable Bluetooth Radio with Cassette Player $49.00 - Australia Post


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