The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids
Create a magical Christmas for you and your family by shopping our top gift ideas for kids at Westpoint
Published 01 December

This year may have been a little chaotic, but not to worry; you can still end it on the right note. Create a magical Christmas for you and your family by shopping our top gift ideas for kids at Westpoint. 

Whether your kids are bold, inquisitive or simply wrapped up in their own imaginative world, we’ve got gift ideas to suit them all! Keep reading for our ultimate kids’ gift guide.


Kids’ Zone

We consulted the coolest kids on the block to source the hottest cult products for kids around. If you’ve got no idea what your little ones are looking for, look no further. Here are this year’s must-have kid’s toys.


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1. Paw Patrol Paw Patroller $99.99 - Toymate

2. Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper $99.99 - Toymate

3. LEGO Dots Creative Picture Frames $28.00 - Target

4. Sleepy Sprouts Scented Pencil Mega Pack $32.95 - Smiggle

5. Love Diana PopStar Doll $48.00 - Kmart

6. Crystal Creations - Deer $10.00 - Target

7. Transforming Vehicle. Styles vary by store - TK Maxx

8. Squishmallows 7" Plush - Assorted $10.00 - Big W

9. Macca And Al, Super Pals by Matt Cosgrove $14.99 - QBD Books

10. Tech Desk Street Hits - Assorted $8.00 - Big W


Time to Play

Let your kids embrace their playful side with an assortment of toys, games and fun activities guaranteed to keep them busy throughout the summer holidays and beyond!


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1. Kids Hooded Towel $24.99 - Cotton On Kids

2. Koala Rocking Toy $149.95 - Bed Bath N Table

3. Koala Surf Kids Beach Towel $39.95 - Bed Bath N Table

4. Y Velo Junior Blue Balance Bike $99.00 - Toymate

5. Bubble Blast Light Up Bubble Gun $19.95 - Smiggle

6. Spalding NBA Jersey Ben Simmons Basketball $59.99 - Rebel Sport

7. Zuru Crazy Bunch O Balloons 100 Rapid-Filing Self-Sealing Water Balloons 3 Pack $12.00 - Big W

8. Plastic Skateboard 55cm - Assorted $19.99 - Toymate

9. Boys Magna-Lites in Bozler $69.99 - Skechers

10. Spy Walkie Talkies $49.95 - Smiggle


Curious Kids

Got a curious kid? Use play to encourage learning and development with “smart” toys and games. Feed their sense of wonder and open their eyes to a new world of possibilities where the only limit is their imagination.


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1. So Slime DIY Slimelicious 2 Pack - Assorted $10.00 - Big W

2. Fluffy Sand $9.95 - Smiggle

3. 4M Johnco Star Master $14.00 - Toymate

4. Play-Doh Super Colour Pack $19.00 - Target

5. Coding Critters Scamper and Sneaker $59.00 - Target

6. 1000 Piece Puzzle - Sweet Dreams Candy Store. Styles vary by store - TK Maxx

7. 2 in 1 Globe Earth and Constellations $79.99 - Toymate

8. Light Up Quadcopter Toy $20.00 - Kmart

9. Reload Popout Gift Pack $34.95 - Smiggle

10. Motorised Construction Crane. Styles vary by store - TK Maxx

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DISCLAIMER: All prices and product descriptions are believed to be correct at the time of publishing; however, Westpoint Shopping Centre, its retailers and its publishers will not be held responsible for any discrepancies. Please consult directly with individual Westpoint retailers to verify product availability and price.

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