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How to transform your home through the power of styling
Tips and tricks on transforming your space!
Published 17 November

We’re Bonnie, Erin and Lana from Three Birds Renovations. We’ve got 12 full home renovations under our tool belts (and counting!) and although we love to renovate, we understand that everyone wants to feel good in their home, but not everyone is in the position to renovate or to build something new.

The good news is that just because you can’t knock down some walls, it doesn’t mean you have to live in a home that doesn’t make you feel fabulous every time you walk in the door. It’s totally possible to transform your home through the power of interior styling.

When styling homes, the very first thing we do is create a vision board. Many people are daunted by the huge amount of imagery of beautiful interiors on Pinterest, Instagram and in magazines – it can become quite overwhelming and hard to know which style to choose, what furniture to buy and where to put it. So, your first step is to narrow this down, room by room, into groups of images that you love. Then, collate these to create your vision board.

Furniture First

Before we hit the shops, we hand draw a quick floorplan and mark the furniture on the plan to help identify what you’ve got and what you need. We make sure the main furniture pieces face a chosen focal point and we always keep the major traffic routes open so the space flows. Remember – less is often more and bigger isn’t always better!

Look at what type of furnishings are used in the style of homes you’re trying to replicate on your vision board and see if you can find similar pieces amongst your existing items. Don’t despair if you don’t own much that will work with your new style, often older pieces can actually work after a mini makeover. Try throwing a new tablecloth over a table or a beautiful blanket over the top of an older chair. A simple coat of paint can also work wonders on old furniture.

Softly Does It

Once we’ve got our big furniture items sorted, we move on to all the soft stuff. This means cushions, pillows, poufs, throws and rugs. We use these to add layers and interest to a room. Don’t be afraid to mix up colours and/or textures, it doesn’t all need to be matchy-matchy.

Get Arty

Choosing artwork is a really personal thing and it’s a wonderful opportunity to tell a story in a space. Remember, wall art might not be a painting or a print, it can be a soft textured item like a JuJu hat or woven macramé hanging.

Go Green

Greenery is a fabulous to bring a room to life. Fresh or faux – either is fine! Don’t forget that the pot or vessel you choose for your plant can make just as much of an impact as the plant itself. We love gorgeous white pots or rattan baskets.

Add Your Accessories

We usually leave these accessory items till last, after all of the major furniture and soft furnishings are in place – a bit like the icing on the cake. Without homewares, trinkets, and things like books and candles, a room can end up looking more like a hotel than a home.

Three Birds Top Tips for Styling Success

1) Find your focus – Identifying the focal point of a room is really important. It can be a structural element, like a window, a piece of statement furniture or artwork.

2) Add some texture – It’s such a great way to add interest to a room. A faux fur throw or a jute rug is always a good idea.

3) Pop in some colour – Add a little colour burst in your cushions or accessories. Choose a colour that connects with the rest of your home.

4) Create balance - Asymmetrical balance brings a sense of casual living to a room, which is why we love using it. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

5) Trial and error – trust your gut and give styling a go. We never know for sure how a room is going to look until we’re in the space and moving things around. Styling is a really personal and intuitive thing. No two people will style a room exactly the same way – and that’s a good thing.

Do you want more help styling your home? Join the Three Birds Styling School community! 

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