5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Halloween 2020
Wondering what Halloween is going to look like this year?
Published 21 October

The good news is there are plenty of ways we can enjoy the celebrations without putting a damper on the spooky fun.

Trick or treat?

Trick or treating might well be on in your neighbourhood, but if it isn’t, you can still have plenty of fun. Set up a trick or treat trail in your own home, by creating spooky themes in each room (the kids will love vamping up their bedrooms!) and knock on each door for a lolly and a fright. You can still put up all those Halloween decorations out the front of course.

Wear a mask!

October 31 is the one day in the year that mask wearing comes as standard. There’s a whole range of fun, whimsical and seriously spooky masks out there. But if you’re short on time, simply take a plain mask and get decorating.

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Host a ghostly get-together

Set the mood with candles or spooky lighting, hang cobwebs in dark corners, and maybe sit a ghoul in an armchair or at your kitchen bench. Carve a jack-o’-lantern, bake Halloween treats, and watch a scary film. For a really creepy setting, you could hire a smoke machine, and don’t forget the tunes! Adults can join in by making Halloween-inspired cocktails.

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Make spooky sanitiser

Love a craft project? Customised hand sanitiser is great as a gift, to take to school, or just to have handy by the front door. Take your sanitiser (the clear stuff works best) and decant into a plain, transparent pump action bottle. Then get creative! Add pumpkin buttons or beads, paper confetti bats, and plastic spiders or skeletons. If they glow in the dark, so much the better! Label the bottle ‘hand sanitiser’ in your spookiest writing.

Boo your friends and neighbours

Boo-ing is a Halloween trend that’s becoming all the rage with kids and adults alike. It’s a fun, no-contact way to treat a neighbour and share some spook-tastic Halloween fun. Find out exactly how to boo someone here.

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How will you celebrate Halloween this year?

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