Five Things to do Outside This Spring
Now that Spring has sprung, we're sharing five ways you and your family can give Spring a warm welcome.
Published 21 September

Now that Spring has well and truly sprung, the great outdoors is beckoning us all to enjoy its warmth and sunshine.

If you’re looking for some fun activities for your little ones to enjoy outside, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re sharing five ways you and your family can give Spring a big warm welcome.

Keep on reading to discover some activities for your tribe to enjoy the holidays. These ideas are sure to provide an all-round good time!


1. Host a picnic
There are plenty of ways to celebrate a new season, but a picnic in the great outdoors certainly takes the cake! If it’s a nice day outside, we suggest rounding up your nearest and dearest, preparing some easy-to-eat snacks and setting up a Spring spread for the family to enjoy.

Want to take it up a notch? Pick a theme! Whether you’re hosting a teddy-bear’s picnic or a fairy-tale tea party, your tribe will love getting into a creative theme. Use tableware, decorations and costumes to set the scene, then enjoy a blissful afternoon underneath the shining sun. 

You'll need:

1. Picnic blanket, Kmart

2. Picnic basket, Target

3. Tableware, TK Maxx

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Image Credit: Hannah Blackmore for HOORAY! Mag

2. Go on a nature scavenger hunt
Why not send your tribe on a mini scavenger hunt to explore the great outdoors? Simply create your own scavenger list using a note pad and pen, listing items such as flowers, leaves, pinecones, pebbles, and sticks. To keep things really interesting and get little brains thinking, ask them to look for items such as ‘something tiny’, ‘something white’, ‘something smooth’ and so on.

Once your list is ready, give your child a box or a basket, along with your list of items to find in nature. This one is sure to keep them entertained for hours!

You'll need:

1. List note pad, Typo

2. Basket for collecting items, Big W

3. Kids sun hat, Myer

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Image: Photos by Jessica via HOORAY! Mag 

3. Get spring gardening underway
Good for the garden and good for the soul; a home garden is the perfect way to spend time with the kids outdoors.

Select a space in your backyard and get the whole family involved with preparing, planting and maintaining your spring garden. Not only will it help your garden to thrive, it’s a playful, educational and productive way for your minis see a seed grow into a flower, vegetable or plant.

You'll need:

1. Gardening gloves, Big W

2. Kids gumboots, Spendless Shoes

3. Watering can, Toymate

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Image: Anna Earl, Unsplash

4. Spark creativity with watercolour painting
As we ease into the springtime, it’s the perfect opportunity to sit in the sunshine and paint with your mini-me.

Gather some watercolour paints and brushes to ignite their inner Picasso, then let the splendour of spring inspire your masterpieces. Together, you could paint lady bugs, bees, lush green trees, spring blossoms and plants in your backyard. And the added bonus? This one is sure to keep the little ones entertained for a while!

You'll need:

1. Watercolour paints, Kmart

2. Kids smock, Best and Less

3. Canvas, Big W

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Image: Sarah Brown, Unsplash

5. Make a splash with water play
If it’s hot outside, your youngsters will jump at the opportunity to get outside and make a splash. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of waterplay to cool off!

Arm your tribe with water pistols, buckets and water balloons, or simply turn on the sprinkler for hours of fun! You could even set up your own slip-n-slide or blow-up pool.

While everyone is enjoying the open air, don’t forget to be sun smart. Be sure to grab a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect you and your bub.

You'll need:

1. Kids hat, Carter's OshKosh

2. Water toy, Big W

3. Kids sunglasses, Myer

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Image: Phil Goodwin, Unsplash

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