Where to go for a nice night out
Take a night off cooking (and doing the dishes!)
Published 12 December
The dining table brings families together in cultures all around the world. Sharing a meal as one is always a joyous occasion. Busy lives make it difficult to get everyone all together in one place, but when dinner is on the table, everyone comes running. A chance to chat and catch up on the day’s events, or to reconnect with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while, the power of dining together is strong and something to be celebrated – and prioritised – at Christmas time. 
Since you already have enough on your plate with planning the Christmas Day feast, let someone else do the cooking for once. Head out to one of these top dining spots for a night of good food, great company and no dishes!
Laidback fare
When there’s burgers on the menu, the whole family is happy. Warning: They’re BIG so bring your appetite.
Where to go: Burger Doctor
Best shared
A little something of everything for all to share. Order in abundance, place everything in the middle, and go back for seconds and thirds until every plate is clear.
Everyone’s happy
Curly fries, burgers – the kids are happy. Prime rib steak, pork-belly pasta? Your cravings are covered, too. Dinner, sorted.
Where to go: Hog’s Breath Cafe
A family feast
When you have a lot of mouths to feed - perfect for when all the family is in town - a banquet is just the thing to please everyone. It also takes a lot of decisions (and arguments!) out of the equation. Leave the food up to the chef and just sit back and relax.
Main image: Hog’s Breath Cafe
Experience the richness of what Westpoint has to offer.
Experience the richness of what Westpoint has to offer.